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Working for you

The work of HSC Research and Development (HSC R&D) Division, Public Health Agency is based on the principle that the best health and social care must be underpinned by knowledge, based on well conducted research, which can then be applied in the delivery of care.

To help achieve this, we want to ensure that services users and the public have an opportunity to influence the research process and that the topics which are prioritised for research are important for service users and are patient- and public-centric rather than solely researcher-led. 

We have embeded Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) into all aspects of HSC R&D Division activity. Through this we aim to:

  • promote public awareness of health and social care research and actively seek the involvement of the public in our activity;
  • increase awareness among the clinical research community of the benefits of PPI and encourage researchers to engage with users, carers and advocacy groups at the earliest possible stage in the planning and development of their research projects;
  • make researchers aware of mechanisms and systems for PPI that will provide the scope and capacity to help them to plan, conduct and disseminate research studies that are important and relevant to service users;
  • facilitate researchers’ access to service users and public input.

Public awareness about research is important and two examples of how we faciliate this are the "OK to ASK" campaign and the Join Dementia Research Initiative.

You can also find a list of the projects funded by HSC R&D Division and case studies in our Portfolio section.