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Approval for Research in HSC

HSC Trust Governance Approval and the HSC R&D Application Gateway

HSC R&D Division provides funding to support Research Offices in each of the five HSC Trusts. These offices are responsible for providing research governance approval for research studies involving secondary care in Northern Ireland.

Researchers wishing to conduct research in the HSC in Northern Ireland must obtain R&D approval for each HSC research site.

The following guides provide instructions and contact details on how to do this:

** HSC Trust Research Governance Permission Guidance for Applicants **


For a single centre study (involving only one HSC Trust in Northern Ireland) the submission of application is made directly to the HSC Trust Research Office.

For multi-centre studies (studies involving more than one HSC Trust in Northern Ireland or with one or more UK nations), the HSC R&D Application Gateway has been established to coordinate research governance process, working closely with the HSC Trust R&D Offices in Northern Ireland and the other national research co-ordinating centres in the UK. The Gateway is not responsible for granting approval, this is the responsibility of HSC Trusts, but rather the Gateway coordinates the submission of a multi-centre application. Applicants must make contact directly with the Gateway to submit multi-centre study applications.

HSC R&D Application Gateway, 
Tel:  (028) 7161 1126, 


HSC Trusts Combined Metrics - Time to Approval

The documents below contain combined metrics for the 5 HSC Trusts in NI relating to the time for research governance approvals. These reports are issued by the Trust Research Office Managers.

Jan-Mar 2016     Apr-June 2016     Jul-Sep 2016      Oct-Dec 2016

Jan-Mar 2017


Amendments made during a research study

A UK-wide process for amendments across NHS/HSC is being developed. Some initial guidance clarification has already been published.