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Doctoral and Advanced Fellowships - Now Open

Riddel Hall, Belfast
8 Nov 2018

This joint event aims to raise the profile of public health research, interventions and innovation and engage local professionals, practitioners and researchers working in the broad field of public health.

Take part in a Public Health England survey
Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Leeds as part of a pan-European partnership called the European Cancer Concord (ECC)® , have won the prestigious 2018 European Health Award. This award honours initiatives that help tackle some of Europe’s most pressing health challenges. 

Access for HSC researchers to statistics and methodology expertise and advice

Apply now to become part of a panel made up of lead Clinical Radiation Experts (CREs) and Medical Physics Expert (MPEs) to assist the HRA review studies through the UK wide Radiation Assurance process.  
CHITIN launched on 21 September 2018
Consultation now open until 8 October 2018

New governance arrangements announced on 18 June 2018 come into effect.

Improving ways of gathering and combining evidence and using it to inform health and health care decisions.