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Capturing outputs from our funded research - Researchfish

Like many other funding organisations, HSC R&D Division are accountable to our stakeholders, and therefore it is crucial that we monitor the outcomes of the research we fund on a regular basis. It is also important that we can provide our supporters with evidence that the research we fund is translated into advances in health and social care.

We use Researchfish, an online survey database now adopted by a large consortium of research funders, to gather information about research outputs and outcomes.

The principle behind Researchfish is simple: to allow researchers to record all their research outputs and outcomes once only, in a format that allows easy submission of the relevant parts to individual funding organisations.

With Researchfish, we are working together with other funders to address the increasing administrative burden faced by researchers due to the many separate initiatives to collect research output data.

We use the Researchfish system to collect data on outcomes and impacts arising from all our awards. Submission will be required for each year of funding and for 5 years after the award has ended.

For information on what you will need to do, when to submit, condition of grant, queries and contact details click: Researchfish Info Document

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