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25 Oct 2018 - British Psychological Society Safeguarding Conference

Event Date: 

What: British Psychological Society Safeguarding Conference "Safeguarding Children & Young People: Every Psychologist’s Responsibility"

Where: Stranmillis University College, Belfast

When: 25 October 2018, 9.00am - 5.00pm

The British Psychological Society (BPS) launched a model of understanding this complex and challenging area. Their conference shall consider the model through the following presentations: 

Safeguarding Children and Young People: Every Psychologist’s Responsibility. ‘Thinking the Unthinkable’
Dr Liz McMonagle, AFBPs, one of the document’s authors

Alienation Appraisals Mediate the Relationships between Childhood Trauma and Multiple Markers of Posttraumatic Stress
Dr Ryan Mitchell, Southern Trust

Policing Incidents of Domestic Abuse Involving Children: Children and Police Officer’s Experiences
Dr Annemarie Millar, School of Social Sciences, education and Social Work QUB

Shame and Guilt in Non-offending Parents of Children who have been Sexually Abused
Dr Dympna Browne, Belfast Trust

For more details see the BPS website.