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18 Oct 2018 - MRC Epidemiology Unit Meeting - Using existing data for a better future

Event Date: 

What: Using existing data for a better future - Opportunities and challenges of harmonising activity data

Where: Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge

When: Thursday 18 October 2018

This one day meeting will create a platform for discussions about retrospective harmonisation of physical activity and sedentary behaviour data globally.

Retrospective harmonisation enables researchers to bring together activity data acquired using diverse methods, settings or populations for co-analysis. Combining data in this way can provide greater heterogeneity, increased statistical power to investigate weak or complex associations, and extended scientific impact relative to individual study analyses. This meeting will provide the opportunity to:

·        introduce the research community to the value of, and need for, activity data harmonisation

·        describe harmonisation methods previously used and those under development

·        discuss harmonisation of objective measures, self-report and travel surveys

·        strengthen understanding of the opportunities and challenges through sharing best practice

·        enable networking between those interested in data harmonisation

.         explore further opportunities

Speakers include:

·        Professor Fiona Bull, WHO

·        Dr Søren Brage, MRC Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge

·        Professor Ulf Ekelund, Norwegian School of Sports Sciences

·        Dr Andrew Atkin, University of East Anglia

.         Dr Esther van Sluijs, Centre for Diet and Activity Research, University of Cambridge


For more information and to register see the MRC Epidemiology Unit website.


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