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Commissioned Research Awards Portfolio


Needs-Led Commissioned Research Awards   (2003-2016):

HSC R&D Division supports Needs-led commisioned research derived from an on-going systematic process to identify and prioritise research needs. HSC R&D Division works with users of research (policy-makers, practitioners and commissioners), generators of researchers, patients, clients, carers and others to determine priority research areas. Below are a list of commissioned calls issued by HSC R&D Division over the last 10 years.

Please CLICK ON THE TITLES BELOW to access the Awards and any available report outcomes for each call.



Early Intervention Transformation Project  (2015)



Outcomes of the Implementation of Smoking Prevention Intervention  (2014)

(includes ouputs)


Dementia Care  (2013 & 2014)



Outcomes of the Implementation of Telemonitoring NI  (2013)



Bamford Implementation and Bamford Rapid Reviews  (2011)

(includes outputs where available)


Suicide Prevention  (2008 & 2009)

(includes outputs)


Antimicrobial Resistance  (2005)



Investing in Health  (2004)



NIPEC  (2004)



Targeting Social Need  (2003)