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Call for Expressions of Interest for Dementia Data Analytics Projects Dec 2018

Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) has been successful in an eHealth and Data Analytics Dementia Pathfinder Programme bid which has been part funded by the NI Executive Office, Atlantic Philanthropies and Department of Health.

The project has two related strands - one of which is focused on building the capacity to collect and use dementia data to improve the planning and commissioning of efficient, effective and value for money dementia services and to create a platform that can be utilised to enable data driven care-planning solutions across the health and social care system. The amount of funding available in this data analytics work stream is £1 million.

Call for Expressions of Interest

HSCB eHealth is opening a Call for Expressions of Interest for a number of “non-academic / real-life” data analytics projects aimed at improving our understanding of dementia in Northern Ireland and informing better services and support for people with dementia and planning for the future.

The programme is interested in data analytics projects that make innovative use of existing data /uncover new data (quantitative and qualitative) to:

·       Derive useful and important information about dementia with potential for sustainable improvements in the relevance, efficacy and value for money of publicly funded dementia services;

·       Enable proactive public health prevention and management through effective data use; and

·       Lead to sustained improvements in dementia data systems and practices.

Data analytics projects might also involve developing/improving existing data systems or data quality.

Priority Areas

The projects should focus on using data (either quantitative or qualitative) to address the following priority areas within a Northern Ireland context, which has been developed in consultation with key stakeholders including service users, health professionals and commissioners:

·       Prevalence of dementia

·       Diagnosis

·       Carers

·       Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

·       Learning Disability/Sensory Impairment (Hearing Loss)

·       Patient Journey - Pre-/Initial referral to palliative care

Following previous round of submissions, we would in particular encourage applications for the following areas:

·       Dementia and Learning Disability e.g. prevalence, diagnosis, early interventions, comparison with those without LD

·       Insights from data on the experience PwD/carers have of dementia services/support. This may be from a variety of sources (ranging from 'novel' sources, e.g. social media; to Trusts/other service providers where feedback systems are already in place). It may also involve assessing the usefulness of those systems and how they might be improved or standardised and how these are influencing practice on the ground.


The following organisations are eligible to submit Expressions of Interest to undertake Dementia Data Analytics projects within the call:

·       HSC organisations

·       Universities

·       Community and Voluntary sector organisations

·       Other Government bodies

Industry / private sector are not eligible to apply as Lead Applicant though they may be contracted by an eligible organisation to undertake elements of the project in accordance with the relevant body’s procurement processes.


For more information and an Expressions of Interest pack please send email to:


Closing date for completed responses for this round of call is 4:00 pm Friday 18th January 2019